CSL templates

What is it

CSL templates are XML files that are used by Zotero and other citation software to export and format citations in word processors (OpenOffice Writer, Word and so).

How to use it

Open .csl file in Firefox and install to Zotero.

How to use PubMed as citation database

First you need to register to MyNCBI, then you can store your searches, get email updates and what's important, you can add publications to a Collection.

If you click on the saved Collection, the list of items is showed. Add to Zotero by clicking the icon in address bar.

CSL files for different journals

There is a huge style repository on Zotero website. These I needed and couldn't find. So far they work as they should on classic journal entries, I don't have any books or internet references to test.

XSLT styles for PubMed XML

These XSL files I made to format the PubMed XML output files. Open your XML file in a text editor and add an address of .xsl style, like:

<?xml-stylesheet href="mystyle.xsl" type="text/xsl"?>

just bellow the !DOCTYPE declaration. Now you can open the XML file in browser or Word and have it formated (no sorting, no numbering).