Tim - (558,1 kb)
friend climber

Tiger - (1,04 Mb)
first scanning version, very large, very ugly

Cheetah - (828,6 kb)
reminder of a story I once read

Mountain - (364,2 kb)
a vision, a dream.. in the land of nowhere

Rivendell - (3,7 Mb)
unbearably large drawing of that famous vale

Rashaverak - (2,5 Mb)
my favorite Overlord from the A.C.Clarke's book

The Worm's Head - (131,6 kb)
the very end of Gower peninsula

Atlantis - (600,8 kb)
name of legend, created to raise over the reach of the Earth

A collection of my infrequent visits to the world of graphic art enclosed by pure space and unobtrusive design. At least what I hope it to be.
Best viewed on as enormous resolution as you can afford.